Lip Sync

Spanish Lip Synchronization (Sync) is a process where insertion of audio attempt to match the lip movements of the original actors. This process is critical in many feature length films as it will help the audience better understand the content and create the illusion that the content was originally filmed in the dubbed language.

Early Kung fu movies are historically known for bad Lip Synchronization and have become a running joke in the world. Hence, it is important to ensure the highest quality Lip Synchronization in any production. This process does not only apply to human actors but can also apply to animated figures, animals, or computer modified images.

Lip Sync and Dubbing

Lip Sync and Dubbing go hand in hand as it is critical to match the re-recorded audio with the lips of the live actors or animation. Otherwise, the result is the perception of a second rate production. Often, it may be necessary to modify the original translation to shorten the time it takes to speak. This can be a problem when dubbing in Spanish as it normally takes more words to convey the same meaning in Spanish compared to English.