Subtitling is referred to as the translation of the audio (source) language content (usually with video images). Subtitling is commonly used by the entertainment industry to broaden the market of their content to other countries that speak a different (target) language. The translated text (subtitles) are superimposed on the screen and appear at the bottom (or sometimes top) of the video content. The subtitles are synchronized with the audio content/transcript. Subtitling should not be confused with Closed Captioning which is in the same language as the original content.


A subtitle is typically defined as the actual translated text on the video screen (usually in movies or television programming). It can also refer to an explanation of a written title in the video content. This is common when written content is photographed (e.g., a sign) and is a pertinent to understanding the video.

Subtitling is commonly seen in films and television shows. However, it is also used with web site videos and e-learning content. The term “subtitle” refers to the translated text superimposed on the screen that tracks the spoken words in the video.