Dubbing and Subtitling

There is a constant debate in the broadcasting and entertainment industry about the preference of Subtitling over Dubbing. Many argue that it is better to subtitle as it provides the audience the option to both read the material and hear it in its original form. From an artistic standpoint, the original content producers preferred to preserve the original work as much as possible.

Producers and directors take the time to ensure that the acting and the spoken language is completed in such a way so as to improve the delivery of their message. Dubbing, if done incorrectly, can take away some of the subtle nuances of the original work.

However, for most, especially children and those with limited reading abilities, dubbing provides a much easier way to enjoy and understand the production.

One of the benefits of Spanish subtitling is that it is normally less expensive, less complex and less time-consuming than Spanish dubbing or Spanish voice-overs.